Rugged Reserve Aloe-Vera Infused Mango Beard Butter ( Lightly Scented) 2 oz


Attention, kings with tree nut sensitivities! Get ready to unleash the power of our Rugged Reserve Mango Beard Butter - the ultimate game-changer for your extraordinary beard journey! ✨

Introducing Rugged Reserve Mango Beard Butter, a burst of hydration without the worry of tree nuts. Crafted with organic goodness, this non-GMO delight is your ticket to a beard that's more than just groomed - it's celebrated!

Here's how to elevate your grooming routine to the next level:


  1.  Start with our Rugged Reserve Moisturizing Beard Wash for a refreshing and thorough cleanse. The perfect prep for your beard indulgence!
  2.  Pat your beard slightly damp, allowing it to be the perfect canvas for the Mango Beard Butter.
  3.  Take a generous amount of Rugged Reserve Mango Beard Butter and massage it downward until it melts into your beard. The richness of mango butter, organic grapeseed oil, and more will leave your beard feeling softer than ever!
  4.  Brush your beard in a downward position, distributing the goodness evenly.
  5. For extra comfort, reapply as necessary to ease any discomfort or itching.

Why is Rugged Reserve Mango Beard Butter so special?

πŸ₯­ Mango Butter: A burst of hydration for a beard that's softer than a cloud. πŸ‡ Grapeseed Oil (Organic): Nourish and promote healthy hair growth, all while caring for the skin underneath. πŸ‡―πŸ‡² Black Jamaican Castor Oil (Organic): Shine, strength, and a touch of regal luxury for your beard's growth. 🌿 Jojoba Oil (Organic): Lock in moisture for a beard that feels as good as it looks. 🌱 Aloe Vera (Organic): Dive into deep hydration, leaving your beard irresistibly soft. 🌷 Tea Tree Oil (Organic): The hero against beard dandruff, ensuring a clean and itch-free experience. 🌽 Cornstarch: The secret ingredient for that dreamy, creamy consistency.

Ideal for gents starting their beard journey, Rugged Reserve Mango Beard Butter isn't just a product - it's an experience!